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This book is truly a first of its kind. Anyone involved in church or Christian school instrumental music should have this resource. Whether a player or director, there is a wealth of information contained in these pages regarding the philosophy of instrumental music in worship, recruiting players, selecting music, arranging and editing, instrument history and playing techniques, and many other topics. The Instrumental Resource Book is published by Lifeway Christian Resources and is available at your nearest Lifeway book store or your favorite music service.



Instrumental Music Resources

This listing is of the majority of publishers in Christian music who provide instrumental music for churches and Christian schools. Contact information is provided along with website links so you may request catalogs from these companies and other pertinent information for your instrumental ministry. Feel free to copy this listing for your files.

(* indicates that demo recordings are available.)

Allegis Publications, (distributed by Lillenas), Kansas City, MO 800-877-0700
*Allegis Orchestra Series - Silver (Easy), Gold (Moderate),
Platinum (Advanced).
Praise Band, Brasscapes for brass ensemble, Windscapes for woodwind ensemble, Stringscapes for string ensemble

AnderKamp Music, Nashville, TN
*Brass Quintets.

Barncharts Music, , Modesto, CA 888-577-6963
*Cool charts for Praise Bands.

Brentwood-Benson Music, Brentwood, TN 800-846-7664
Strike Up the Band Series (Carmichael), *Brentwood Jazz Orchestra
(McDonald),*Continental Orchestra Collection.

Camp Kirkland Productions, Franklin, TN 615-591-4920
* Seven Plus Orchestra Series, Camp Kirkland Trombone Ensembles

Carol Press, Charleston, SC 800-942-7407
* Brass ensembles and church orchestra pieces

Claude T. Smith, Olathe, KS 913-541-9422
Church orchestra pieces

Coral Key, 888-882-6725

David E. Smith Publications, Deckerville, MI 800-OSACRED
*Various solos, ensembles, concert band, string orchestra for church and school instrumentalists.

Farm Lake Music, Spartanburg, SC 864-237-5664

Gaither Music Company, (distributed by WORD), Anderson, IN 888-324-9673
*Camp Kirkland Christmas Brass, *Sanctuary Symphony Series, Fanfare Preludes, others.

Genevox Music, Nashville, TN 800-436-3869
* Celebration Orchestra Series (Advanced Level), *Jubilation Orchestra Series (Easy Level) , *Power Praise for Worship Band Series, *Exaltation Series for four or more instruments, *Rhythm + 4 Series for four or more instruments plus rhythm section.
Various solos and Ensembles, John Gage Orchestra Series.

Hal Leonard, 414-774-3630
Band, Orchestra and Ensembles.

Hope, Carol Stream, IL 800-323-1049
Various pieces, "Ensemble Music for Church and School."
Doug Smith's 4+Brass and Woodwind Ensembles.

Integrity Music, (distributed by WORD), 800-533-6912
*Classic Christmas Brass.

James Curnow Music Service, Nicholasville, KY 606-885-3696
Brass Ensemble, Band and Orchestra arrangements, many by James Curnow, at various performance levels.

Les Stallings Music Group, Brentwood, TN
Brass Quintets, Ensemble, Various others.

Lillenas, Kansas City, MO 800-877-0700
"500 Hymns for Instruments," various solo pieces.
(see Allegis Orchestra Series)

Lorenz, Dayton, OH 800-444-1144
Doug Smith's Brass Ensembles.

Matterhorn Music, Contact Rick Powell, 813-831-0500
Rick Powell *"Assurance " collection.

Mel Bay, 800-863-5229
Various pieces.

Pathway Music, Cleveland, TN
Brass and rhythm charts.

PRISM Music, Franklin, TN 800-326-8987
*Prism's Light Orchestra Series - Various Arrangers
*Gloryland Band Series - Camp Kirkland
*Praise Band - Jim Gray

Psalm 150 Publications, (distributed by David E. Smith) 800-OSACRED
Church Orchestra, "Five or More" (Churchestra), Various Ensembles.

Robert King Music Sales, North Easton, MA FAX ONLY 508-238-2571
Brass literature.

Ron Cobb Copy Service, Franklin, TN 800-955-1730
Camp Kirkland's Benson Brass Series, Don Marsh's *Treasury of
Hymns and Solid Brass Series, various others.

Salvation Army, Des Plaines, IL 847-294-2000
Brass and more.

Shawnee Press, Delaware Water Gap, PA 570-476-0550
Various pieces.

Temple Sounds Publications, Contact Omar Allen, Tallahassee, FL 850-562-2625
*Orchestra, *Gospel Band.

Tempo Music, Leawood, KS
Various products including a contemporary church orchestra series.

Theodore Presser, King of Prussia, PA 610-525-3636
Woodwind ensemble pieces.

Volkwein Bros., Pittsburg, PA 800-553-8742
Phil Norris band arrangements.

Washington Music Ministries
Various solo and ensemble pieces for small to medium size groups by Bob Walters.

Willow Creek Music, 800-570-9812
Praise Band.

WORD, Inc., Nashville, TN 800-876-9673
*Sunday Sounds Series - Easy Arrangements.
*Coronation Series - More Challenging Arrangements.
Brass Ensemble Music
Instrumental Hymnal, Songs for Praise and Worship Orchestrations.

There is also an excellent catalog titled "Sacred Instrumental Published Music List" available from the Christian Instrumentalists and Directors Association. You may get information on membership and this catalog at their website:

A demo tape and/or a sample score should be referred to before purchasing an arrangement. Check each piece carefully and (l) the instrumentation you need, (2) the style which would be most appropriate, (3) the difficulty level, (4) the upper range limits of the instruments, (5) whether improvisation is required in rhythm section parts, (6) performance time and (7) general musical character.

Arranging & Orchestrating Books

This list is a compilation of books that are highly regarded by myself and friends who are involved in arranging music for the church. Each of the books listed takes a different approach to creating sound musical arrangements. Please note that several of the books are out of print however, you may find them in the public library. Feel free to copy this list to use as a resource.

The Contemporary Arranger, Don Sabesky
Alfred Publishers

First Chart, Van Alexander
Cherry Lane Music

Instrumental Handbook, Harold Pottenger
Beacon Hill Music

Music Arranging and Orchestration, John Cacavas
Belwin Mills

Music Notation, Gardner Reed

On the Track, Fred Karlan
McMillan Press

Orchestration, Walter Piston

The Professional Arranger Composer, Russell Garcia
Criterion Music Corp.

Sounds and Scores, Henry Mancini
Alfred Publishers

* Standardized Chord Symbol Notation, Roemer-Brandt

Strings and Things, Phillip Posey
Convention Press

The Technique of Orchestration, Kent Kennan
Prentice Hall

* Voices, Anita Kerr
MCA Music

Arranged by Nelson Riddle, Nelson Riddle
Warner Brothers Publishing

* The Art of Music Copying, Clinton Roemer

* Presently Out of Print

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